Documentary Filmmaking and Other Audiovisual Products
In English and Spanish

If you have a story to tell, a project to share or a place to promote, the best way of publicising it is through a video, the most effective communication tool at present, boosted by the digital era we’re living in.

We can produce all types of audiovisual works, from long documentary films to short videos for social media. We have created TV programs (winning a national prize), informative videos about environmental projects and corporate videos about Natural Parks and cultural traditions, among others.

Wildlife and Nature Filming
For other film production companies

At Amber Lynx Productions we film wildlife and landscapes on request for natural history documentaries and for other types of projects such as corporate or promotional videos. Our wildlife footage has been used in documentaries broadcast on TVE (Spanish national TV) and internationally.

Stock Video Footage of Wildlife and Nature
In 4K and HD

Out of all the wildlife and landscape footage we film for our documentaries and projects, many recordings pass onto our bank of unedited stock video footage in 4K and HD that is up for sale.

Drone Aerial Recordings
In 4K and HD

Without a doubt aerial recordings filmed by drones are a great innovation in the filmmaking industry. At Amber Lynx Productions we offer this service, allowing for the production of even more spectacular audiovisual works. We have all the qualifications, equipment and experience required to offer this service and obtain high quality aerial footage.

High Quality Female Voice-overs
In Spanish and English

Voice overs or narrations are an essential element of many documentaries and cinematographic works. At Amber Lynx Productions we offer high quality, professional voiceover recordings with our native Spanish and English voice actress, who has over 8 years’ experience bringing scripts and texts to life for several different purposes: Documentaries, educational texts, corporate videos, publicity, etc.

Translation of Scripts and Texts
Into Spanish and viceversa

The translation of scripts and texts is essential for conveying your stories and ideas internationally from their original language. At Amber Lynx Productions we translate from English to Spanish (and vice versa) professionally by a native translator in both languages. We have translated scripts for documentaries which have been broadcast internationally, dossiers for film projects with worldwide projection and scientific articles, among other works.



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